Neil G.
5 min readAug 27, 2021

The Crusader Herald: vol. 1, article 6, Evil Leadership

Our Founding Fathers were brilliant men. God allowed these selected patriots to craft a wonderful Constitution with a fabulous Bill of Rights. Hence, the United States of America was born. When you add in free enterprise and a capitalistic system of business, you had a winner. People of all walks of life could achieve and succeed. We became a country to be envied by the world.

Our growth rate was sensational and our nation grew richer and richer. Blessed with an abundance of natural resources we prospered. We hummed along right through the 20th century. We were a nation of winners! But, along the way, strange things happened. And, you can nail these strange things at the doorstep of our poor and evil leaders.

Instead of centering our country along “right and wrong” according to our Judeo-Christian roots, we got greedy. A loss of love for “country” developed. The people we put in office should have been serving us and building our country stronger and stronger each and every year. It was not hard — if based upon Judeo-Christian principles, values, virtues and morals. They became more interested in “what is in it for me?” So, the principle of citizen politician who would be in Congress a few years and go back home to their livelihood was replaced with lifetime membership in the Halls of Congress. Hence, the never ending spiral of greed, corruption and, downright, evil. We would tax everyone to death and spend like “drunken” sailors. And institute all sorts of evil into our churches, workplaces and families.

There are people in Congress who have been there close to fifty years! Not to be age prejudice, but these people are our grandparents with diminished mental acuity making critical decisions for our nation. Grasso, Pelosi, Hoyer, etc. are in their eighty’s. Go retire and play with your grandkids.

Now why is the above important to this post. Because over the last 100 years we have become a nation of “losers.” And, it is due to these politicians and those like them. Americans are winners; but are being lead by corrupt losers.

Case in point is the Monroe Doctrine. The Monroe Doctrine was stated by a Founding Father, James Monroe. He basically said that no nation should interfere in the Western Hemisphere. Makes sense if you want to be a big player on the “block.” This served us well as a key point of our foreign policy. But it would not last.

When France was unable to build the Panama Canal the United States stepped in and completed the task. Under the leadership of President Teddy Roosevelt (R) we created a bridge between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. What a boon it was for world commerce and afforded the United States access to and fro for its warships. It was also a good strategic lever on the world political stage if you were the holder of the lease. Well, we were. So, for the next 100 years we held the lease. Makes sense since we built it. We were secure.

This was not good enough for our terrible leaders. Under President Jimmy Carter (D) and a corrupt Congress we gave back control of the canal to Panama effective the turn of the 21st century. Great, no? Hey, its there land. But why is China there and taking control of the canal slowly but surely. Answer: our leaders allowed them. These left-wing politicians are feckless, weak and corrupt and do not have the American people’s interest at heart.

So now we have a major enemy at our doorsteps! Does this make sense? Could we have not negotiated another 100 year lease that was financially beneficial to the Panamanians while at the same time affording us security in the Western Hemisphere?

Here’s another example. How could the United States loose every war it has been in since World War II? Remember, we were the strongest nation on earth at the end of WWII. We had the atomic bomb. Who could challenge us? Does everybody remember North Korea’s attack on the South? General McArthur could have fixed that situation right then and there if President Truman (D) had allowed him to. We would not be dealing with that maniac in the North 70 years later! How about Vietnam? We left there with our tails between our legs. Not because of our military but because of President Johnson (D) who was running the war and doing it poorly. This mess was compounded by President Nixon (R, but a RINO). When the extensive and damaging bombing of the North was just about getting us victory (according to leaders in the North) he ended the bombing in favor of the Paris Peace Accords. You know how that ended!

And these lost wars continue to this day with our plight in Afghanistan. All those soldiers killed and wounded over 20 years for what? So Joe Biden(D) can leave them behind. God save those men and woman in uniform plus any United States civilians still there. President Bush (R, but a RINO) and his nation building. Hey, pay attention to us at home and build us back spiritually, politically and economically.

Does anyone remember Joe McCarthy. He was vilified by the left because he said there were communist in our government including the military. Guess what? About 40 years later released documents from the defunct KGB showed that there were indeed many communist who infiltrated our government. Joe was right about 50% of his calls. WOW, that is depressing. So, now when you see the face of communism in our country you know when and how it happened. Our traitorous leaders have let them in. The extreme left are communists and are trying to take over our country NOW!

One final tidbit before I go. When President Truman gave a heads-up warning to the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin that we had the atomic bomb, Truman found Stalin’s response perplexing. He was “indifferent.” Truman did not know why someone would act like “nothing happened” when told that your enemy had a bomb that can kill everyone in your country. Reason: Stalin had spies in the most secret of all places on the globe up until that time — the Los Alamos National Laboratory. It is where the atomic bomb was created. It was the top secret Manhattan Project. Yes, it sure was “for your eyes only.”

America, America, why have your leaders forsaken you? We could be so far ahead of the world in every facet of life but greed, evil and treachery has doomed us to failure. If we were on sound footing, with a balanced budget and wise citizen-politicians and God as our guiding light, we could be exporting our great economy and form of government worldwide. People would not be clamoring to get in here but have their own paradise at home. We could be in a period called “Pax Americana.”

Please pray that America finds it way and turns to God for guidance.