Neil G.
5 min readAug 21, 2021

The Crusader Herald: vol. 1, article 5, The Evil of CRT

I am forced to comment on an evil that is sweeping our country. It is not only evil but extremely stupid and created by the “ivory tower of academia” and pseudo intellectuals. These are the haters of America! I am talking about “critical race theory.” It is being forced down our children’s throats and being mandated by enlightened corporations and the government including the military. This theory, and that is what it is, says that America is systemically racist. Among other things it teaches minorities to call all Caucasians prejudice and privileged. Instead of all of us coming together in a “melting pot” it drives a wedge between all races.

Michael Gonzales is a think-tank academic at the Heritage Foundation who can trace critical race theory’s roots through a meandering lineage from 1930’s German philosophers to Columbia University’s Teachers College to Barack Obama and Black Lives Matter. Please check out his article in the DailyWire for 8/20/2021. It is a Marxist ideology that is aimed at race in America. Normally, Marxism aims at “class warfare” but it could not take hold here since we have a solid middle class and most people like the life America has to offer. So, instead, CRT goes after race — to divide us just like the old Marxists tried to do with the classes. Mr. Gonzales quotes a great line from the movie The Matrix relative to CRT: “You may think you’re happy, but you’re actually oppressed. We just need to help you discover that truth.”

A little history please. Our country was racist at one point in its history. I refer to slavery and the subjugation of the African-Americans by white people. The southern part of our country had a whole institution set up for slaves to pick cotton and other crops for the good of their white overlords. It was terrible. Period. However, due to a brave president, the North fought against the rebellious South to end this practice and to keep the Union whole. President Lincoln paid the price for his bravery to stand up to these horrible purveyors of hate. Plus, the American people, as a whole, lost over 600,000 people to this noble cause.

After the war the issue was how to get the South to “tow the line” and accept all the amendments (e.g. African-Americans were freed, could vote, etc.) setting the wrong onto a right and correct path. The United States under President Grant even had the military in the South to maintain order and control maniacs hurting African-Americans. However, a compromise was reached between Republicans and Democrats in the 1877 that ended the occupation of the South. This action led to the southern Democrats to reverse the good the Republicans were doing to help the freed slaves. The KKK arose from this horrible compromise (look it up) along with Jim Crow. This was systemic racism. It continued for about 100 years.

Then God answered the prayers of many good people and brought forth another great man called Martin Luther King. Reverend King led freedom marches over and over again even though he was jailed and his life was threatened. But he prevailed when in the mid-1960’s the Civil Rights Acts were passed and the Nation took a leap forward in helping our fellow African-Americans. Unfortunately, Reverend King was assassinated for his guts, bravery and determination.

Over the next several decades other laws were passed and blessed by the Supreme Court including Affirmative Action to help further the cause of the “left out” African-American’s who wanted upward mobility. Although I believe this is reverse discrimination, it “is what it is” and helped many African-Americans to progress. I personally know some friends who were aided by this action. At the same time, many qualified whites were passed over for promotion. Just look at the police departments to see this in action. African-Americans with lower scores were promoted over whites with high scores. So, in essence, the playing field was being levelled.

Everywhere you look African-Americans have advanced. Sports, theatre, movies, academia, government, corporations, etc. By 2021, there was no systemic racism. When the “knuckle heads” talk about systemic racism they are talking about a different time and place. We have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights. This is the great leveler for our country. This is what makes us unique. It has worked, is working and will continue to work if left alone.

I would like to give you one example of what these purveyors of lies try to foment. They want to denigrate our Founding Fathers. Reason: because in the Constitution the Founders said that slaves were three-fifths persons. This was an apportionment issue, namely, how many electoral votes each state would have based on its population. The North wanted the slaves counted as three-fifths so that the South would have less electoral votes and, thus, less power in the House of Representatives. The South wanted the opposite. The North won and sowed the seeds for the “end of slavery.” The free North would have more say in how things were run. For instance, would slavery be allowed in the western territories? The tensions of this “corrective seed” led the South to secede from the Union and brought us to civil war and the eventual ending of slavery. Hence, this three-fifths person issue has nothing to do with denigrating our African-American brothers and sisters but, in the end, to help and free them.

These idiots pushing CRT want to get into our minds and control it. But you can’t control how a person thinks and feels. You can’t make people love each other. But God can. In the Judeo-Christian faith we are to love one another as we love ourselves; plus to love our enemies. Only through acceptance of Jesus Christ can hearts and minds be changed.

In the meantime, all good citizens, of whatever color you are, must come together and fight this evil theory. Please call or write or visit your local, state and federal representatives and tell them that our economic system is great, our Constitution and Bill of Rights are great and that America is great! Let’s spread positive vibes, not destructive negative ones. God bless America.