Neil G.
3 min readMar 31, 2021

The Crusader Herald, vol. 1, article 3

You know it’s a sad time in our country when you can’t turn on the TV and have some enjoyment. Every show, every movie and every commercial is about diversity and the gay community. It has all become political. Agenda driven. You can’t find any laughter and peace. It is all about “this is our viewpoint and you need to comply.” We had about 7channels growing up in the 1950’s and 1960’s. They were: CBS, NBC, ABC, WNEW, WOR, WPIX, PBS. These channels produced high caliber programming. Outstanding works…funny sitcoms…serious documentaries…and taught good values. Old movies played at certain times like Saturday Night at the Movies or Million Dollar Movie. Nowadays, you have 500 channels and you click, click, click to find something worthwhile. Garbage mostly. A case in point…

I could not sleep one morning and got up to watch TV about 5:30 AM. I had an old channel station on playing “My Three Sons” (first show 1960) with the famous actor Fred McMurray. The theme of the show was “how bad the fault of jealousy” was and how to overcome it. His elder son on the show was married and living at home with his wife. A minor event happened which led to an issue of trust and jealousy. In the next to the last scene, they both realized they were foolish for sleeping in separate beds and ran to each other, embraced and forgave each other. Of course, the father (a white male, God forbid) gave advice along the way that helped. But, in the end, we all realized that jealousy is not a good thing. The show ended on a happy note and you left the show feeling good about them, you and, life in general.

Now compare the above to “Schitt’s Creek” (first show 2015). Every time I watched this show my IQ went down. The facial expressed wore on me since they were so exaggerated. The issues were so minor and juvenile. But, since my wife and I needed a respite from the lockdown we continued to watch until the last episode. It was a little funny. This was a story of a wealthy dysfunctional family that lost everything but a little town they bought years prior. They moved into the town’s motel and tried to build up their lives again. This was a good theme but it dissolved into a show about gays and acceptance. In fact, after one of the two guys “came out” and feeling worried in reference to telling his parents, the show ended with a message from the producers basically stating “See, look how unfair this is. All he wants is to love his mate.” The last several shows continued this gay theme culminating with the “gay wedding” episode. Instead of staying on point about how each rebuilt their lives and came together as a more functional family full of love, they veered off into a political, social and cultural statement about gays and the importance that we all have to accept this life style.

For me, all I wanted was to be “entertained.” I wanted my mind just to “wander.” I wanted to have some fun watching a show. But, alas, I could not. Anyway, my IQ is up and the latter show is over.

In sum, we will never have a good society if we don’t have good TV and movie entertainment. We need shows that teach good morals and virtues. People wonder why we have so much degradation, violence and confusion in our society. Well, what are we teaching our children? And everything has to be so serious. There is no outlet for fun and the gentle teachings of what a good society entails. Yes, you can be gay but do you have to jam it down our throats? I accept you, can’t you accept me? I am not a bad guy…and, remember, you are only 3% of the population. You have a point of view but you shouldn’t be telling us, the majority, what to think, say and do.

As a final thought, we need to have an alternate universe that includes production companies that will produce wholesome movies and entertainment for TV and media in general. Let’s pretend to call it “Holywood.” The American people will gravitate towards this program and the other type will die on the vine. You don’t need laws to curtail this necessarily. The people will choose if given the option.