Neil G.
1 min readMar 11, 2021

The Crusader Herald, vol. 1, article 2

In these very critical and challenging times, it is most important to be positive and keep our eyes on the “goal.” “What is the goal?” you may ask. It is very bluntly to restore America to its former greatness. To accomplish this very needed goal, it is necessary to focus first on God. He is the one that has brought forth America. Our country’s roots are in Judeo-Christianity. Starting with Columbus and most of our Founders, they were all Christian. The Founders built a very unique country founded on Christian principles and tethered to a outstanding, one of a kind, Constitution. It is such a well balanced document with safe guards to avert corruption and tyranny. A system of checks and balances.

Firstly, we have the 3 distinct branches of government with checks and balances on each other: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Then, let’s take it one step further: we have local, state and federal governments checking and balancing each other. It is a near perfectly well oiled machine. But, corruption can and does slip in. That is when the crusaders have to step up and fight back to bring it in line with the Constitution.

So, my call to all is to fight back until we get our country in “equilibrium.” Call or write your congress person and senator and let them know where you stand. And, if you have the time, get involved in local government like a school board. Little by little, the crusaders need to take back the government. God bless our efforts.