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Neil G.
5 min readDec 6, 2020

America — our beautiful America — is at the crossroads with only a sliver of light left to reclaim our great country. All around me I see confusion, fear and frustration. The other side is like the Marines storming a beach while we are playing “Cowboys and Indians” on a Brooklyn street corner in my bygone youth. They are well organized; we are in a state of confusion with our spineless leaders cowering in the corner or abating the enemy. What is needed is trust in the Lord God Almighty. People of God have faith that turns into unyielding trust in the Lord.

So stop wringing your hands! What we need is action…action…action. Little by little we can accomplish great things to bring our country back to where it rightly deserves to be — one Nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Actions like:

· Pray for the conversion of America back to Judeo-Christian Principles, Values, Virtues and Morals. Occasionally, give up a meal to the Lord and ask for forgiveness for America. Pray and fast…

· Stop buying Nike or any other product led by the devil

· Stop watching the NFL and the NBA; instead have Sunday dinner with family and friends

· Shop on line but directly to the company’s website so we can rid ourselves of Amazon

· Look for alternative communication sites like Parler instead of Twitter

· Open your mouth when you don’t like something. For instance, stores that ban “Merry Christmas” or do not have the Salvation Army in front of their locations. Go directly to the store manager and complain.

· Write or call your local, state and national representative and voice your concerns

· Stop watching their TV shows and instead go back in time and watch METV and watch wholesome shows like Cannon and Mannix to name a few.

· Pay attention to what local libraries are offering. For instance, they are now on a kick to expose children to “drag shows.” Go in front of the library and shout at the top of your lungs: “Stop this degradation of our children!” Stay there until the parents come out and ask them “what are they doing perverting their own children?” I am on high alert for this nonsense coming to Freehold Township, NJ.

· Never watch CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC or read the NY Times, NY Daily News or Washington Post. Garbage…pure and simple.

The above is on a micro level. Let me give you some ideas on a “macro” level. We need to create an “alternate universe” where God, intelligence and wholesomeness reign supreme. It will take years to change our institutions. We do not have the time for this. So, we must act now and here are a few ideas of what I mean.

There are some conservative filmmakers out there. Clint Eastwood is pretty conservative for example. What these filmmakers need to do is form a separate Hollywood. Let’s call it “Holywood.” They will then produce beautiful stories with the underlying storyline of “good vs. evil.” I can guarantee you that they will have tremendous success. Just look at what happened to the film, The Passion of the Christ. At one time it was the #1 film in movie box office history in reference to gross receipts.

Our educational system is a waste land. The progressives took 100 years to destroy a good system. Right now it is full of idiocy, ignorance and un-American messages. It is too late to fix.

But we have a system already set up — it just needs to be expanded. Well, what am I talking about? We have a huge amount of parochial schools, charter school, private schools, protestant schools, and some fine conservative universities. How about Hillsdale College as a model for higher education? They do not take a dollar from the government. They teach faith, God, the Constitution and civics. We just need to keep building these types of schools. The Supreme Court just OK’d charter schools. This and all the other schools is the antidote to the public school system.

Another example is the following. You mean to tell me that we do not have billionaire conservatives that are extremely smart that they can’t get together and start an alternative Facebook platform. If this happened Facebook would shrivel. We would move to the new platform “en masse.” Facebook is a vile company. Most people do not realize that they are slowly moving to censorship of the conservative movement. The Trump Administration needs to move in and claim anti-trust violations. If Teddy could break up “big oil” so can Trump do the same. We just need action to get this done.

The above is a framework for action. The Tea Party was very active in doing most of the above in the first part of this message. But the RINO’s killed this fine movement. Plus the Tea Party was like an “ameba” with no one at the head of the organization. It became less effective as a result. What is needed is a broad based movement to bring many conservative groups together under one umbrella. This movement needs people skilled in organizing in the political realm. It needs many lawyers and tech people. We also need millions of people all across America that can go out and protest. I believe a good group for this is the “Grays.” These Grays are retired baby boomers who came from the other side of the 60’s. These are the intelligent, common sense, God fearing and Country loving people that make up a good majority of the Boomer Generation. A current prophet, Jeremiah Johnson, who has seen this Grays Movement in a dream and I believe God is calling us to his cause.

In major cities across America we need a solid 1,000 ready Crusaders to go out into the streets and peacefully protest. Along with these 1,000 are needed 50 burley and large men to

defend them so that no one is hurt by the anarchists. I cannot think any longer of those innocent people beat up by those cowardly Antifa monsters. All you have to do is stand up to them and they will run back to their parent’s basement.

I hope you enjoyed the inaugural edition of The Crusader Herald. May God protect and save us. All things are possible…we need faith and trust in God, then action guided by Him who sees all things.


Neil D. Garguilo

Crusaders for America

“Fear is useless; what is needed is trust.” Luke 8:50